Cheat empires & underground(pc)

The Need For Speed Underground cheat codes

Start game as usual. Prior to entering each of the following cheat codes, go to the main menu, go to the Statistics sub-menu, go back again (pressing DELETE), and finally enter your desired cheat:

gimmesomecircuits    – Unlock Circuits
gimmesomesprints     – Unlock Sprint Circuits
gimmesomedrag        – Unlock Drag Circuits
driftdriftbaby       – Unlock all Drift circuits
gimmeppablo          – Unlock Petey Pablo
gotcharobzombie      – Unlock Rob Zombie
havyamystikal        – Unlock Mystikal
needmylostprophets   – Unlock Lost Prophets
119focus             – Unlock Car
893neon              – Un1ock Car
899eclipse           – Unlock Car
371impreza           – Unlock Car
222lancer            – Unlock Car
922sentra            – Unlock Car
667tiburon           – Unlock Car
334mygolf            – Unlock Car
77peugeot            – Unlock Car
777rx7               – Unlock Car
350350z              – Unlock Car
111skyline           – Unlock Car
221miata             – Unlock Car
2000s2000            – Unlock Car
889civic             – Unlock Car
228supra             – Unlock Car
240240sx             – Unlock Car
342integra           – Unlock Car
239celica            – Un1ock Car
973rsx777            – Unlock Car
givemenismo          – Unlock car
allmylvloneparts     – Unlock all level 1 performance parts
allmylvl2parts       – Unlock all level 2 performance parts
seemylvl2parts       – Unlock all level 2 visual parts
slidingwithstyle     – Unlock drifting physics
Cheat Empirets

Result Cheat Code Instant building       {   steroids}   Win scenario {home run} Kill player{ kill}[player’s position 1-8] Rocket launcher car {bigdaddy} Everyone dies {diediedie} Resign game {resign} Full map{reveal map} 1000 food {pepperoni pizza} 1000 gold{coinage} 1000 wood{woodstock} 1000 stone{quarry }Remove Fog of Warno fog Transform villagers [Note 1]medusa Laser gunner [Note 2]photon man Animal controlgaia Juggernauts may move on landflying dutchman Increased catapult range and effectbig bertha Priest 600 hit points, speed 6hoyohoyo Increased ballista rangeicbm Catapults fire peasants [Note 3]jack be nimble Stealth archer, dressed as tree when stilldark rain Turn horse archers into black ridersblack rider Nuclear missile troopere=mc2 trooper Commit suicidehari kari


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